I have followed Jon’s work for some time now on LinkedIn and through the Men Talking Mindfulness Podcast (which I highly recommend). Recently, I had the privilege to hear him speak at a recent VETS2INDUSTRY virtual event and get up close and personal with some of the same concepts.

His advice on mindfulness and meditation in the workplace and under stressful conditions is incredibly insightful not just in a military context but even more broadly for any stressful situation. Whether in business, parenting, or even social situations, developing the regular practice to ground yourself, calm your mind, and carry on is invaluable to long-term success.

Jon does a great job of taking these ideas that historically have been treated as “new age” or “hippie” spiritualism and deconstructing it from these cultural narratives to make it digestible and useful for real people.

Although these are universal principles that transcend gender and identity, as a male I know there can often be cultural or societal norms that pose barriers to this kind of practice. Here again, Jon does a phenomenal job not only of describing these things in a way that makes them applicable and useful but helps to break down some of those misconceptions and biases. He not only teaches but lives this and his experience using it in some of the most high-stress environments imaginable helps to reinforce its utility and acceptability.

I can’t thank Jon enough for the work he continues to do, helping others to think clearer and live better lives. Whether you are a transitioning military veteran reacclimating to civilian life, a military spouse dealing with the trials of being married to Uncle Sam, or a civilian dealing with pressures of business or home life, increased mindfulness and meditative practice will help you be a better version of yourself and there’s no better person that I can think of than Jon Macaskill to teach you the skills you need to develop it.

Joshua Christine, Senior Partner Verte

Jon is an extremely relatable and insightful mindfulness coach and educator who, even though only knowing him for a few weeks, has already made a big impact on me. I’d love to learn from him in the future and know he has an authentic wealth of knowledge in the mindfulness meditation space, which is hard to come by. I highly recommend Jon and know his methods and insights are important for anyone looking to improve the quality of their lives.

Taylor Ritzel, Olympic Gold Medalist

I met Jon earlier this year at a large event he was hosting for veteran entrepreneurs. He was an amazing speaker and host, and I ultimately recruited him to be a part of Elite Meet and help me scale our events across the Mid Atlantic. He has already become irreplaceable in our business and is truly an awesome example of the type of talent coming out of the SEAL Teams. Jon has my full endorsement for anything, but especially something public-facing, and is someone I have come to rely on both personally and professionally.

John Allen, former CEO of Elite Meet

I met Jon through a local chapter of an entrepreneurship and innovation club. Despite being a newcomer like me, he had quickly established himself as an impactful contributor and I purposely sought him out for advice and mentorship. Jon agreed right away to share his time with me and came prepared with multiple resources tailored to my specific passions and goals – truly above and beyond. I offer this little anecdote to illustrate the type of person Jon is…a SELFLESS LEADER, HUMBLE PROFESSIONAL, and COMMUNITY BUILDER. Since our meeting ten months ago, I’ve gotten to know the many projects Jon has undertaken and made a lasting impact on. I’m proud to call him a mentor and friend, and our community and countless members are grateful for his tireless dedication and passion for helping others.

Ariana Pybus, Technology and Operations for Defense

After spending a mere ten days with Jon it is clear to see he will do great things with his knowledge of mindfulness. Jon’s concern for others and desire to spread compassion make him a wonderful mindfulness coach. During our time together, Jon led a group of military Veterans and Olympic athletes through a mindfulness meditation session, and we all walked away feeling more present and at ease. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with Jon, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to implement a mindfulness program/ practice into their company or personal lives.

Laurenne Ross, Olympic Skier

I’ve known Jon for over 5 years and we’ve worked together for about half of that time. Bottom line: Jon is a phenomenal leader, tremendous problem-solver, and respected mentor with an IMPECCABLE REPUTATION. I hand-selected Jon to work for me on some of our nation’s most sensitive and difficult operational issues – which he nailed. He is a strategic visionary, critical thinker, and articulate communicator who demonstrates the highest standards of commitment, integrity, and humility every day. He will succeed at whatever endeavor he chooses.

Matt Stevens, CEO of The Honor Foundation, retired Navy SEAL

Jon Macaskill is an accomplished Sailor, Leader, Father, Husband. Pound for pound one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. Truly cares about his fellow brother and sister Veterans. Leads by example, and is not afraid to take the “hard right” over the easy wrong. Integrity is beyond reproach. Confident yet humble; a silent professional that his actions speak volumes! If you’re a transitioning Veteran and looking for someone to emulate, provide direction, motivation, and purpose, then Jon is definitely your man!

Jason C. Scott, Home Loan Lender

Jon is one of the most driven people I have ever met. As a SEAL/Naval Officer, he is detail-oriented, hard-working, and deeply committed. He is incredibly selfless. His care and passion for helping others succeed are amazing. When you meet Jon for the first time, he makes you feel like you’ve known each other for ages. Also, when he sets his mind to something, watch out! He’ll under-promise and over-deliver on everything he sets out to do!

John Hawley, Professional Workshop Facilitator

Jon is a master of connecting and mobilizing a group. He initiated group connections and discussions for our cohort, which resulted in us immediately and meaningfully gelling. Jon brought us together and never missed a beat on making sure we took advantage of every opportunity. He is unselfish and thoughtful; always there to lend a hand, and made a point to show his appreciation for those who helped him.

Ryan Curry, Senior Consultant

I had the pleasure of hearing Jon speak at a recent Vets2Industry event as the keynote. He did an incredible job of sharing his experience and lessons from his military transition. Two areas that many don’t discuss are mindfulness and mental health — and Jon did a great job of highlighting WHY you should not ignore either of these areas. Mental health can have a negative stigma (said from my disability advocate perspective) but he wasn’t afraid to talk about his mental “gym time” that truly helped him and allows him to be a role model for others who might be struggling in this area. He also led us through an incredible meditation, to show everyone firsthand the benefits it can offer. What a great interactive way to illustrate how powerful mindfulness can be in your life. I applaud Jon for a great keynote shared with many that needed to hear that message! I encourage you to reach out to Jon and connect; you won’t be sorry.

Mary Leone, Partner at Diversity Outreach Partners