Transformative Coaching with Jon Macaskill
Discover a unique approach to personal and professional development with Jon Macaskill, leveraging mindfulness, leadership, wellness, and performance coaching. Empower yourself or your team to exceed expectations and achieve optimal performance.

Mindfulness Coaching: Harness the power of the present moment and navigate your life and career with more ease and effectiveness. Jon’s mindfulness coaching goes beyond simple stress management, helping you to cultivate mental resilience, emotional intelligence, and enhanced decision-making skills.

Leadership Coaching:Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just beginning your journey, Jon’s coaching is designed to hone your leadership skills and grow your potential. Enhance your abilities to inspire, engage, and lead your team to success.

Wellness Coaching: Embracing work-life integration can lead to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life – personally and professionally. Jon’s wellness coaching not only focuses on physical health and mental well-being but also prioritizes aligning your professional life with your personal values and goals, ensuring a seamless integration for overall success and satisfaction.

Performance Coaching: Drive yourself or your team to new heights with Jon’s performance coaching. Unlock the power of peak performance, discover new levels of productivity, and overcome obstacles that are holding you back.

Integrated Coaching: For those seeking a comprehensive transformation, Jon offers an integrated coaching approach that combines all the above areas – mindfulness, leadership, wellness, and performance. This holistic approach ensures that every facet of your life and career is addressed, providing a robust foundation for lasting change.

Harness the power of mindfulness and drive transformational changes in your life and career with Jon Macaskill. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Remember, greatness is within reach. You just need the right guide. Let’s get started today.

Jon is an incredible executive coach who is able to successfully blend mindfulness and mediation with the high performance standards found in the Special Operations community of our military. His ability to understand my leadership journey and translate it into relevant, actionable activities for career growth has instilled an elevated level of confidence in me, as well as how I am able to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Leveraging a combination of recommendations, tools and outputs from our time working together, I can attest that I have grown both personally and professionally working with Jon.

Michael Newborn, Head of Core Products, Tessera Data (part of Checkr Group, Inc.)

The size of Jon’s heart and wisdom from his life experience makes him an exception to the multitude of coaches. Jon is humble and never stops learning and growing, personally or professionally. He truly honors his word and is committed to his client’s personal and professional results. Jon has earned and sat in some of the toughest leadership chairs where being a solutions-driven problem solver saved countless lives. Yet if you ask him what his most challenging and rewarding job is, he will tell you it is being a dad. Jon believes that mental/physical wellness goes hand in hand with our personal and professional life and practices the same thing he teaches. One of my best decisions was hiring Jon for coaching sessions that also offer his mindfulness practices during the session. The Zoom sessions worked well because we covered so much in our sessions; I can go back and relisten, so I do not miss any of the nuggets created in the session! Jon is that guy who is rooting for you on your journey to your next win and strategizing with you through the ups and downs until you reach your pinnacle.

Jay Gruben
Relativity Network